Wine Gifts – Tips To Ensure a Great Selection

Wine holds the rare distinction of being one of the few indulgences that are seemingly universal. Wine is enjoyed in every corner of the globe, and it is made in a number of different forms, in a number of different countries, and with a number of different grapes that are grown in a number of different climates. So needless to say, when it comes to giving wine gifts, selection is king.

In fact, making selections for giving wine gifts can be a daunting proposition, especially if you don’t exactly know the recipient’s taste in wine—and asking would just spoil the surprise. Whether your wine gifts consist of elaborate baskets centered around a theme, or a simple gift of a single bottle, there are some ways to narrow down a great selection for wine gifts for anyone and any gifts

The Basics of Wine

Before you can know what makes great selections for wine gifts, you first have to know what makes for a broad selection of wine. Wine enjoys a galaxy of distinct characteristics, and they can vary by the country they come from, the type of grape used, and their age, among many other facets that determine the nuances of the taste.

Locale: Even an idle observer of wines knows that they can originate from a number of locales worldwide, and the country of origin makes a difference. Knowing the differences will go a long way to narrowing down your wine gifts selection.

The Mediterranean, for instance, hosts the perfect blend of climate and nutrient-rich soils that host the grapes that go into the world’s most popular (and most expensive) wines. Vintners in Burgundy, France, for instance, grow their grapes in soil that contains limestone, clay, and silica, and this is found nowhere else on earth. These nutrient-rich soils are the home to some of the world’s boldest Pinot Noir wine gifts.

Meanwhile, wine grapes grown in South America – more specifically Chile and Argentina – are grown in sandy, less nutrient-rich soils, but they are grown at higher altitudes, giving them much more exposure to sunshine, and a unique character as a result. Wine lovers will often point out that the time these grapes stay on the vine combined with the altitude yields full-bodied wines that are high in antioxidants, making them ideal for wine gifts geared more toward the health-conscious.

The Grape: Even more important than the wine’s origin, the specific grape (or blend) will also play a role in how you select wine gifts. This will often determine what foods the wine is best served with to complement the flavor. Knowing what food the recipient of your wine gifts likes to eat will help out in this area.

White wines are usually served chilled and are popularly served alongside seafoods, like shellfish. They are considerably less bold than their red counterparts as well, making them perfect for formal or informal social gatherings. If the recipient of your wine gifts likes to hobnob, often by throwing dinner parties, white wine is a sure bet. Examples include Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and White Bordeaux.

Red wines get their hue from the skin of the black grape, which is not removed before fermentation. Red wines are known for their robust flavor, which goes well with meats like lamb, beef, or pork, and it can even be suited for eating with pizza or casserole. They are rarely served chilled, and they make for wine gifts that are more associated with intimate moments. Examples include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, and Chianti.

It’s important to remember that each grape can come in a spectrum of sweet or bitter, dry and sparkling. Take this into account when putting together your wine gifts.


Once you are more familiar with the subtle differences between the wines, you’re free to add some imagination to your wine gifts. Maybe you are keen to pick out a few different bottles of red wine to add to a gift basket for the meat lover on your list, alongside briquettes and seasonings. Or, if your wine gifts are for church functions, select a few sparkling white wines that have more subdued, fruity notes.

Wine gifts can make for unforgettable presents, and putting together wine gifts is made simple when you have the right selection.

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