Great Greek Gifts for Sorority and Fraternity Members

Gifting sorority and fraternity members are Greek traditions that have been followed for decades. There are several gift ideas than can be useful, but many of them are not unique. So then what are unique gifts that you can give to your fellow members? Here are a few gift ideas that your friends will appreciate.

Great Greek Gifts for Sorority and Fraternity Members


Sorority, fraternity and Greek paddles are considered the best gifts one can give. The best thing about these paddles is that you can personalize the gift by decorating it with the items that represent you, the recipient, and the relationship you share.

Such gifts last forever and it is quite common to see sorority and fraternity paddles adoring the walls of Greek homes across the country. The ways of personalizing paddles are endless. Gifting a paddle also complements the Greek tradition and culture that makes it more special.

Custom Plaques

Custom Plaques are great gifts that turn house into a home. From big sized letters, to wooden triangle board, there are many gifting options in Custom Plaques. The Fleur-di-lis, custom Greek Lyre, Anchor infinite symbol, love infinite symbol are some of the unique gifts for sorority and fraternity members.

If you are not impressed by the ready-made shapes, you can buy My State, a blank cut out state shape and get something special engraved on it. The blank cut out state are available in different sizes. You can either go for 12″ or 21″ blank cut out state or get some special shape or design engraved on it.

Glassware and Drink ware

Glassware and Drink ware are good gifts for sorority and fraternity members. Pint glasses are useful in homes and are perfect to serve different types of beer including stouts, IPAs, lager and cider. You can also use these glasses to serve any other cold beverage.

You can buy special glassware with the authentic crest of fraternity associations like Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta and Phi Gamma Delta. The authentic crests of the fraternity associations invoke the proud feeling and love you have for sorority members.

Crest Stickers

The shiny crest club stickers are loved by many. You can buy crest of any sorority association and personalize the gift by sticking these crest stickers on any flat surface of the gift. These crest stickers make the emotional bonding stronger with your fellowmates.

Sorority Pillows

You would want your loved ones to have a good sleep. So why not gift them a sorority pillow. You get several designs in these pillows that can be ideal gifts. The sorority and fraternity pillows have different words written on it such as I love my little, and I love my big.

You can also get pillows with sorority organization names, their foundation year and several other words that are relevant to the organization. These pillows look great and add to the decor of the room.

Sorority and Fraternity ornaments

 You have a lot of choices when it comes to buying ornaments that can be great gifts. The sorority necklaces are a bit different from regular necklaceswith pendants. Instead, these necklaces have symbols or name of sorority or fraternity organizations engraved on the pendants. In general, these necklaces are ideal gifts for sorority sisters.

You can also buy Sorority key chains which have multiple  pieces. A keychain is more likely to have 1 Delta Charm, 1 Phi Charm, 1 Epsilon Charm and 1 Rhinestone. We have discussed only one type of keychain. There is a vast variety of these key chains available.

The above mentioned items are great gifts for your fellow members. While some gifts, like paddles fall in the traditional gift category. Other gift items mentioned are useful in some way or the other to the recipient.

Do you know about other gift items that can be great gifts ( for Sorority and Fraternity members? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

Tips on Choosing Unique Gifts for Women

It may be some trouble; it may be a little bit intimidating, but it will be worth it in the end. There is an art to giving gifts, but it is something we can all learn, and succeed at. The trick is to think about the gift, think about the woman, and plan ahead to get the perfect gift. Why is it trouble? The time for planning and thinking ahead and giving time to go out and buy the gift can be more than you think you can afford. As well, if gift giving is stressful for you, it can be intimidating to think about what she would like, if she will like it, and if she will think badly of you if she doesn’t like it. To help relieve you of the time, the stress and the intimidation, here are some tips on choosing unique gifts for women that she will love.

What is your relationship to her?

There are probably a lot of women in your life whom you buy gifts for. There is your wife, of course, your mother, your daughter, and your sister. Perhaps there is also someone at work, or your child’s teacher. You have different levels of intimacy with each one, so the gift choice would be different. Your wife would love a fabulous piece of jewelry, but that’s not appropriate for a colleague or a teacher. For them, consider a book, or some chocolate or another type of food or drink.

Think about her interests

Well, this seems obvious, but it’s actually harder than it looks, and it comes into the planning stage. What does she enjoy? Does she like to cook? Buy her something for the kitchen, paired with a cookbook or some utensils. Does she love coffee or tea? A mug filled with some specialty tea bags or coffee samples might do. Does she like travel, language study, or photography? Does she like to read? A book makes a great present, and it can be focused on the things she enjoys. A photography book is a beautiful work of art, and a bit pricey to buy for yourself. The latest bestseller is another great idea. Chances are, she is dying to take the time to read something thrilling.

Buy something luxurious

Luxury is something that most women feel guilty about spending their own money on. The trick to buying her something luxurious is to look at the things she enjoys, and to buy something similar at a high end price. For instance, a cashmere ( top or pair of socks, some top quality chocolate truffles, or a designer wallet. In this area, jewelry is a good choice for something lovely and luxurious.

Give her some time

You know how valuable a little extra time can be. Along with the gifts for her, why not give her some time to enjoy it? Part of the gift can be a few free hours on Saturday. That means you ferry the kids to dance class, and you cook dinner. Let her have some time to relax and think about how much you care for her.

If you run out of time

If you haven’t managed to find the time to plan, and think about what she wants, then there is help for you. Peruse the internet for some quick and easy gift suggestions—or check out some of the online gift giving sites that can set you up with gift suggestions that she is sure to love; you just have to choose from their selection on the website. Some sites even offer free shipping, or express shipping (in case you’ve left it a little too close to the last minute).

When in doubt, chocolates, books, and jewelry are gifts that are never unappreciated—but make sure you put a little thought into this. If she’s a health nut, maybe swap out the chocolates for a gift certificate to her favorite smoothie shop; if she’s politically active, make sure you find high quality, fair trade chocolate; if she likes to read, find out what kinds of books she’s into (the girl who can’t get enough of the classics probably won’t appreciate the old stand-by harlequin—and vice versa); and if you are going to get her a piece of jewelry, make sure it’s high quality and made from materials (and colors) she is actually going to wear. It might take a bit of extra thought, but finding the perfect gifts for the women in your life is completely worth the effort.

Romantic Gifts for That Special Someone – How About a Packaged Deal?

When you’re searching for romantic gifts for that special someone, choosing the perfect gift out of the many choices can be stressful. So much so that your stomach is in knots and you’re having trouble sleeping; particularly if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Will your gift get the reaction you’re hoping for? Should you just get flowers? How much should you spend? Will your relationship survive if you get the gift wrong? Should you get one gift, two, or maybe a packaged deal?

This stress can be intensified when your time is limited; and this is where the internet can be your best friend. Online shopping has turned into a billion dollar a year industry; and this has a lot to do with convenience. With the internet, we can search for romantic gifts without having to leave our home. If something is not in stock, we can pre-order it or, just go to another online store. With this wide selection of choices comes better quality. Stores and businesses are stepping up their game because they know they have to, to stay in business.

Romantic Gifts for That Special Woman in Your Life

If you’re shopping for a woman you may be surprised to know that women don’t just want diamonds. Well, of course they love them, but there are other romantic gifts for her that can make happy. Just remember that women love to be surprised and delighted when they open a romantic gift from their significant other.

On that note, we would like to suggest three gifts that are affordable, but incredibly romantic, and will help you appeal to not only her creative side, but her intellectual side as well.

Romantic Gifts for That Special Someone – Say I Love you With a Book

Books have always been a popular choice for gifts for her, but perhaps they’re not the first thing that comes to your mind as a romantic gift – but think about it this way:

How else can you appeal to her adventurous, glamorous, romantic, or perhaps exotic side as quickly and as effectively, as you can with a book? You know her better than anyone else, or well enough to have romantic feelings for her at least; so you also know what other emotions she loves to experience. A book is one of the best ways to appeal to more than one emotion.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Jewelry

Of course a popular gift is jewelry, and it has been popular since the beginning of gift giving. Why do women love jewelry so much? Many reports point to how it makes them feel pretty, and feminine, but how it also reflects on her personality. Again, as with the theme of a book for a romantic gift for that special someone, a personalized piece of jewelry can appeal directly to her aura.

Putting the two together as a package says, I respect you for your intellect as well as your beauty, and I want to celebrate them. Isn’t that every woman’s dream?

Don’t Forget a Personalized Message – Greeting Card

The missing link to tie it all together to become the perfect gift is a personalized message on a greeting card to go with her book and jewelry. Although the picture on the cover of the card can speak volumes without saying a word, it only makes it more endearing with a personalized message. It’s a chance to make the gift a complete package for that special woman in your life.

Romantic Gifts for That Special Someone

Remember back to when chocolates and jewelry was the most popular romantic gift to give to women, or flowers and a box of chocolates? But with changes in how we see chocolate and how we’re becoming more health conscious, chocolate is losing its popularity; and although flowers are a beautiful gift choice, we have to face the fact that they die. On the other hand a book lasts a life time and can be handed down to other generations.

So if you’re searching for romantic gifts ( for that special someone, you should think about getting a combination gift that speaks to every side of her: books, jewelry and a message from the heart.

The Top 10 Christmas Holiday Gifts for Families

Often purchasing individual gifts for members of your family, or extended family, becomes harder and harder over time. When we are children, we are very easy to buy presents for. However, as we get older, and our tastes get more set in, it becomes harder for others to buy us things which we will like and enjoy. A good solution to this issue is to purchase “family gifts” which everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Here are today’s top ten Christmas family gift suggestions to get you started on selecting a perfect gift for the family on your list – yours or someone else.

Family Gift Idea #1 – If you have a budget on the higher-end, a good suggestion is a Nintendo Wii gaming system. The Nintendo Wii is much more interactive and family friendly than you typical gaming system.

Family Gift Idea #2 – For more traditional families, or if you are on a much smaller budget, consider a gift of a game night basket. In this basket you can put a new board game or two, a deck of cards, and some snacks for their game nights.

Family Gift Idea #3 – If the family you are gifting enjoys movies, a movie night basket is a perfect gift. Include in the basket their favorite movie candies, some popcorn, and either a DVD or a gift card to their local video rental store.

Family Gift Idea #4 – For a family who is constantly on the move, the gift of something they can do together in the car can be just the ticket. Consider a gift of a trivia game or book which gives them car game ideas to try out.

Family Gift Idea #5 – If your family homeschools their children, or simply spends a lot of time visiting local attractions, a year membership to your local zoo or other large attraction will be a very welcomed gift.

Family Gift Idea #6 – Another great gift idea is to gather recipes from all of your family members and put it together into a nice recipe book for all of the families on your gifting list.

Family Gift Idea #7 – One tradition which works very nicely for family gifts for Christmas is the gift of a special Christmas tree ornament or ornament set each year. You can use them to commemorate any special happenings in their family each year.

Family Gift Idea #8 – Another big hit is a gift basket which includes chocolate in all forms, such as hot chocolate, gourmet chocolate candies, chocolate spoons to be used in drinks, etc… As long as no one is allergic, there isn’t a family out there who won’t enjoy this basket.

Family Gift Idea #9 – If the family you wish to gift has been struggling to make ends meet, you may wish to help them out without doing so in an overt manner. One simple way to do this is through a gift basket loaded with food items which they can use. Another simple way to do this is to fill a small gift basket with gift cards to local stores and gas stations in their area. By choosing a variety of stores you can allow them to purchase things they need to help get them through the next year.

Family Gift Idea #10 – Finally, the gift of an advent basket, or an “all week gift basket” can be a nice fun change from your typical gift basket. In this basket you will include wrapped gifts which will be opened one each day until Christmas. This is really enjoyable for children, even with small gifts to be opened.

As you can see, gifting for a family can really be the way to go this Christmas season. Many people find it easier to purchase a gift, or make a basket, rather than try to find just the perfect gift for each member of the family.

Take A Break From Tradition: Unique Gifts You Can Afford

Finding unique gifts for family and friends can be a challenge for even the most seasoned shopper. Throw in a dash of holiday madness, mass broadcast advertising and several pounds of flyers in your mailbox, and your head might be full of this year’s newest must-have, but not particularly unique gifts. To make an impression, however, toss aside the traditional gift ideas that everyone will be giving and receiving and focus on finding unique gifts that reflect the interests and personality of your gift recipient.

When looking for ideas for unique gifts, think about the person who will be receiving your present. What does he or she like to do for hobbies? Do you know his favorite color or her taste in music or clothing? What does this person need? Is he or she facing any major transitions in the immediate future? Creating an informal profile will help you come up with unique gifts to suit each person on your list.

For example, if you are searching for unique gifts for your wife, take a look in her closet. What colors and styles do you see there? Perhaps you could borrow an outfit or two and take them to a jeweller as inspiration for a piece of custom jewellery like a set of one-of-a-kind earrings made to match her favorite dress. Talk about unique gifts!

A new college student might appreciate unique gifts centered on a school theme, such as a gift certificate to a local furniture or book store, a compilation of his or her favorite songs or perhaps a collage of family photographs or a painting of a loved pet to help decorate a dorm room.

Depending on what you choose, unique gifts don’t have to be pricy gifts. Some of the most cherished and unique gifts are those that are handmade. Consider some of the following:

Unique gifts you can make:

• Scrapbooks – these can be as playful or as elegant as your imagination, and are a great way to store and present photos.

• Ornaments – delightful ornaments for Christmas and other occasions can be crafted with only a minimum of resources. Use common materials such as beads, wire and glue to create lovely and memorable pieces.

• Clothing & accessories – if you can sew, knit, or crochet, the possibilities for unique gifts are endless: using simple patterns, beginners can make hats, scarves, mittens, handbags, skirts, jackets and more.

• Stories, songs and artwork – if you’re a gifted writer, musician or artist it would be a shame not to turn your talents into unique gifts that family members and friends are sure to cherish, so be creative!

If you aren’t the hands-on type, you can also purchase unique gifts throughout the year. Keep others in mind as you browse through craft markets, auction sales or artisans’ fairs, and if you find something wonderful, tuck it away until the next birthday, Christmas, anniversary or other event. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and everyone will be wondering how just you find such perfect and unique gifts.